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BWF WAoS Athlete Certificate Scholarship Programme 2022 for Young Badminton Players of 15 - 18 Yrs

Scholarship Value: 45 USD | Application Deadline: 30th June '22 | Online Course Duration: 4.5 Hrs

Badminton World Federation (BWF) in partnership with the World Academy of Sport (WaoS) has opened a new cycle of scholarship program for the WAoS Athlete Certificate which is an online course developed for aspiring young badminton players aged between 15 to 18 years of age who want to gain a broader understanding of the tools needed to become successful and knowledgeable badminton player.

BWF & WAoS are offering 100 scholarships per member association to access the online course. The course has been designed and written by content writers who work regularly with athletes and has been overseen by an expert reference group representing a number of International Federations, including the BWF. The online course can be completed within 4.5 hours.

Successful applicants will be selected and may receive a full scholarship to allow them to participate in the program. The BWF will notify all Member Associations and applicants of the outcome of their applications by the end of July.

Important Points to be noted:

  • The actual cost of the program is 45 USD (Apprx. 3500 INR). 100 qualified applicants from each member country will get this course free inder the scholarship.

  • Applicants can nominate themself and the result will be shared through the Member Association of the country by the end of July '22. No waiting or need for any recommendations during the application phase.

  • Due to the Gender equivalency policy of BWF, female players will get more opportunities.

  • Please complete the online Athlete Certificate Application Form 2022 (below) in full by 30 June 2022.

  • Athlete Certificate Application Form 2022

  • Following are the details required during submission. Maximum 15 mins are sufficient to prepare and apply.

1. Name of Member Association (Country)

2. Full Name (based on your passport)

3. Gender

4. Date of Birth

5. Email Address

6. Parents/Guardian's Name and Email Address

7. Have you been through the BWF Shuttle Time Schools Programme? Yes/No

8. Do you have a BWF ID? Yes/No

9. Your badminton achievement(s) - maximum 3 highest achievement (competition name, year, discipline, results) e.g: BWF World Junior Championship 2021 - Men's singles (Gold)

10. Name of school that you are currently attending

11. Are you fluent in English? Yes /No

12. Why are you applying for this scholarship? Max 100 words.

13. What are your expected outcomes from the course? Max 100 words.

14. Possible Follow-Up. Please let us know if you wish to be contacted. Yes/No

Benefits of the course

  • This online 4.5 hour course takes student-athletes along the athlete journey on an easy-to-use platform.

  • Students can complete the course at their own pace, keeping track of their progress along the way. Videos, animations, and learning activities appear throughout to enhance the learning experience.

  • Once it has been completed, the Athlete Certificate can be immediately downloaded.

Course Content

The Athlete Certificate will cover 5 modules including

  • Support team and relationships

  • Values and integrity in sport

  • Health and wellbeing (including mental health)

  • Social media and the media

  • Your journey as an athlete

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