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Confusions in BAI ID Renewal

Badminton Association of India

The Badminton Association of India(BAI) has informed through a circular dated 9th February 2024 about the renewal of BAI IDs that the players wishing to renew the BAI ID can do through the state associations from 11th February 2024, and the existing BAI IDs are deactivated from then, meanwhile BAI online portal will become ready.

Though most of the players were waiting to renew through the BAI's online system as per the circular dated 3rd January 2024, now BAI says to renew the BAI IDs in offline mode through state associations from 11th Febraury 2024 .

Parents are confused that the 11th of February 2024 is the deadline or 31st of March 2024. Players can start renewing their BAI IDs through state associations from that date, it's not the deadline. Meanwhile, BAI will make the online system ready for BAI ID application or renewal. To understand clearly, please read further.

The First Circular about BAI ID Renewal on 29th May 2023

29th May 2023 circular regarding new regulation after the BAI Annual General Meeting states that the BAI ID renewal window period is from 1st Jan to 31st March every year and the renewal fee is 1000 INR. The new regulation was effective from 15th June 2023 itself. This circular was very clear about the regulation and renewal window period. Nowhere in this circular deadline or deactivation, were mentioned. It is understood that 31st March is the deadline for renewal, and renewal commencement is from 1st Jan every year.

BAI ID Renewal-1st Circular
BAI ID Renewal-1st Circular

The Second Circular about BAI ID Renewal on 03rd January 2024

The second circular stated that the renewal deadline was extended from 1st January to 1st February 2024. The extension was due to the delay in the readiness of the BAI Online Renewal system. It was expected to be ready by the end of January 2024. The players were waiting for the online renewal system, and no information was there after the mentioned date 1st February 2024.

In the second circular, The commencement date was misinterpreted as the deadline from where the confusion started.

BAI ID Renewal-2nd Circular
BAI ID Renewal-2nd Circular

3rd Circular on 9th February 2024

The third circular further confuses that BAI ID will be deactivated from 11th February 2024. It states that players who wish to renew can do through the state association. When can the renewal process be done by the players before the date? the words "Those wishing to renew" and "deactivated" are rising the confusion.

A lot of questions with the parents are,

What happened to the renewal window period and deadline of 31st Mach as mentioned in the 1st circular?

Are all state associations informed and equipped to receive the renewal applications from the 100s of players on the sudden?

If any tournaments will be called earlier, what will be the players' state?

Is the deactivation of all BAI IDs from 11th February the decision taken at the BAI Annual General Meeting held on 21st May 2023?

If 31st March is the deadline, when will the new BAI calendar for 2024 25 be released? Can we assume major tournaments are after 31st March 2024?

BAI ID Renewal-3rd Circular
BAI ID Renewal-3rd Circular

It is decoded from these circulars that BAI's online system is not ready yet. Players can do the renewal process through state associations in offline mode from 11th Feb 2024, and no need to wait for the online system. And as per the 1st circular on 29th May 2023 and BAI ID renewal regulation, the last date for the BAI ID renewal window is 31st March, 2024 for this year.

Viewers can discuss in the comment section if any deviations are found in the article to make better clarity.

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