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Tamil Nadu Badminton Association Technical Official Examination 2022 - A Pathway to BWF Official

Updated: Jan 6

Technical officials are central to controlling the game of badminton on-court and ensuring fair match play in accordance with the Laws of Badminton and the various competition regulations. Ensuring a high standard of officiating at state-level competitions is one of the key goals of the Tamil Nadu Badminton Association (TNBA). Training and development of technical officials is an important part of maintaining consistently high standards of officiating.

Photo Courtesy: BWF Corporate

TNBA has decided to conduct the State (Umpire) Technical Official Examination and Match Control candidate Selection interview during the Sub Junior Ranking tournament during the last week of July / first week of August 2022 at Erode.

Eligibility for Technical Officials:

* Age 21 years and above ( born on or before 2001) and also not exceed 40 years (born on or after 1982)

Eligibility for Match Control Official:

* Fluency in English

* Any graduation

* Thorough knowledge of computer

* Minimum TNBA qualified State umpire

The Examination study material can be downloaded from the BWF website.

The BWF appoints technical officials to all BWF Tournaments. The development pathway for referees and umpires is from state to national to continental to BWF.

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