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The Fighter, Carolina Marin

Rio 2016 Olympic champ, who has turned rehab frustrations into motivation after recovering from two major knee injuries, now has sights on Paris 2024.

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"If it's not Tokyo, then should be Paris. This is what I have in my mind in every day that I had to do my rehabilitation.", Marin.

Two back-to-back knee injuries and painful rehabs for years would be enough for any player to sign off, but Marin, 30 years, has overcome and is being a remarkable role model for the upcoming athletes by regaining her top spots again and again.

In 2019 Carolina was at her Best as winning Olympic, World, and European champion, she suffered her first Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury in the right knee during 2019 Indonesian Masters final in January.

She needed seven months to recover before making a successful return to competition. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent postponement of the Olympic Games had given the athlete hope of retaining her title in Tokyo, as she made a full recovery. 

Unfortunately, she has torn her ACL and both menisci in her left knee in June 2021 and was not defending her Olympic crown in Tokyo.

"You know, the first thing that I thought when I broke my knee last year was that I wanted to get back to be ready again because I had a good feeling for the Olympic Games in Tokyo but suddenly I had this injury. Then three days after I broke my knee, what I had in my mind is that I want to win another Olympic Games. If it's not Tokyo, then it should be Paris. So this is what I have on my mind every day that I had to do my rehabilitation." said Carolina Marin.

Carolina Marin, the fighter, has to combat with her top class opponents and her injuries too.

Spanish superstar announced her comeback in March 2022 and crowned the European Badminton Championships 2022, Madrid in April.

Everyone has appreciated her comeback after major ACL injury rehabs and after winning the first championship. But at the same time, there is the question prevails whether she can continue performing with her Asian counterparts.

Marin started answering the question in the coming tournaments and her search continues for the maiden championship after the second ACL injury.

Here's how the results have gone so far.

European champion in Madrid, 2022

Indonesia Open 2022 (Super-1000) - Round of 16

Malaysia Open 2022 (Super-750) - Round of 16

2022 World Championship Tokyo - Quarterfinals

Japan Open 2022 (Super-750) - Quarterfinals

Canada Open 2022 (Super-100) - Semi-finals

Denmark Open2022 (Super-750)-Round of 16

French Open 2022 (Super 750) - Runner up

Hylo Open 2022 (Super 300)-Quarterfinals

Malaysia Open 2023 (Super 1000)-Quarterfinals

India Open 2023 (Super 750)-Quarterfinals

Indonesia Masters 2023 (Super 500)-Runner up

Photo, Facebook & BadmintonPhoto

In spite of her quest for the first crown after her injury, she has progressed and is becoming as tough contestant for Paris 2024 for which the qualification period starts in the next three months, and World Tour Finals 2024 for which she is World Tour Rank 4 now.

In the new era of badminton which demands a high level of skills and competition, Marin's comebacks, progress, and achievements as other than Asian are remarkable and make her the athlete of this period.


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