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Shipping Policy

Price includes Free Shipping(Min 4 days to Max 6 Days - Rest of India, Max 8 Days - Kashmir, Kerala, & North East States)


Return Policy

We offer an easy and no-hassle 10-day Return and exchange policy. WEIDAN products are manufactured and shipped with supreme quality and conditions. If any manufacturing defects are found, damaged product delivery, with valid user justification, subject to the availability, the product will be replaced / Product will be refunded 100%.

Terms and Conditions

BadmintonScholar has an e-commerce platform in which WEIDAN Badminton products are sold. 

WEIDAN Customer Support can be reached +91 9553303031 / for Shipping, Cancellation, refund, or product-related queries if any.


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Terms and Conditions:

A Sparring Player is a player who spares his availability, ability, and experience by booking players with the intention of sharing experience and gaining revenue during his free time by playing match play and practice.

Booking Player is a player who books the playtime with sparring players to gain the match-play experience.

Play Time: The time which is mutually accepted by the sparring and booking player at the place specified and arranged by the sparring player.

Minimum Booking price guidelines for the sparring players for their age category

Players with National Positions in the last two years – INR 2000 per hour

Players with Top 10 National Rank in the last two years – INR 1500 per hour

Players with State Positions in the last two years – INR 1000 per hour

Players with Top 10 State Rank in the last two years – INR 600 per hour

Players with District Positions in the last two years – INR 300 per hour

Selection Process:(Maximum 30 days from the registration)

Step 1 :  Registration

Step 2 : Application Review

Step 3 : Profile Validation

Step 4 : Acceptance

Register as a Sparring player here

It is the responsibility of the Sparring player to book the court for the duration of the play. The sparring play charge includes the court charge. It is expected and advised to the sparring player to plan the playtime with efficiency, and after considering their recovery period and injury management if any.


The venue or sparring court of the play will be decided by the sparring player in due consultation. Sparring players should ensure the court availability with playing conditions for the booked playtime.

The playtime is full-on court play excluding warm-up, warm-down, or shadows. Playtime can be planned as match play or a customized session by the sparring and booking player during the booking time.

The booking player has to arrange and bring sufficient and quality shuttlecocks for the play. If it is decided to play at the Booking player's venue, the Travel expenditures of the sparring player should be reimbursed by the booking player.

It should be clearly understood by both sparring and booking players that it is their responsibility to maintain fair play, discipline, and all the prescribed rules of BAI and BWF during the play time and the regulations of the court where their time is scheduled. Book a Sparring Playtime here

BadmintonScholar is a booking platform for sparring and booking players and all the remaining responsibilities will be taken care of by the sparring and booking players to follow the regulations and laws pertained and prescribed by the badminton court, District / State Association, BAI, BWF, Sports Authorities, State/Central Government, and if any violation to law & order.


The booking window will show the next seven days only for booking and booking is not possible in the last 24 hours.

Cancellation of the playtime and refund are not possible by the sparring/booking player.


Mutual rescheduling may be permitted. Any violation in terms of booking fees, canceling the play time, or misconduct will lead to account termination.

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