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WEIDAN Badminton Scholarship for Travel

WEIDAN Badminton Scholarship (WBS) has been proposed to encourage Indian players to perform well in the National circuit. Even though India has produced many top 50 BWF-ranked singles players in recent years, Indian top-ranked players in Doubles / Mixed events are fewer. Players are less motivated to focus on doubles events. WBS for travel is a performance-based travel grant program and is curated to mitigate the above challenge by sponsoring the Indian Sub Junior doubles players to participate in the National circuit.


Application Phase

WBS for travel application will be opened for the applicants and the link will be available here on the announcement. Aspiring sub-junior/junior mixed/doubles players are eligible for applying WBS for Travel. Selected players will be eligible to participate in the WEIDAN endorsement program. 


Endorsement Phase

During the endorsement phase, identified players have to play in selected national tournaments. Terms of endorsement will be shared with the players and are applicable for the specified tournaments during the WBS period. WBS for travel is a performance-based travel grant program. The expected level of national performance and scope for the WBS support will be explained.


Performance Phase

The performance of the WBS players in the specified national tournaments during the WBS period will be observed. Based on the performance of the current tournament, the travel grant will be finalized and disbursed upon satisfying the WBS terms and submitting the required documentation. 

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