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Adarshini Shri represents TN in both National Sub Junior and Junior Badminton Championships 2022

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

All India Sub Junior and Junior National Badminton Championships 2022 is scheduled at Bhubaneswar, Odissa during last two weeks from 16th December 2022 for Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19 categories.

To be eligible to play and represent the respective state, a player requires to satisfy any one of the following criteria.


  1. National rank top 16

  2. Two players nominated by the member state association based on ranking, state championship finalists or selection tournament finalists.


  1. National rank top 8

  2. One pair nominated by the member state association based on ranking, state championship winner or selection tournament winner.

Adarshini Shri won GS U17 and GS U19 Finals against Prakriti Bharath in 18 21, 21 11, 21 13 and 21 16, 21 09 respectively. Coach Rajarajan, Alpha Badminton Academy, Chennai appreciates the 13 year old youngster's dominance in the state girls singles categories.

She is going to represent Tamil Nadu in all the three categories, (U15, U17, and U19) and emerging as the next promising player of TN. BadmintonScholar greets and wishes her to achieve the best from the forthcoming National Championships.

She is National No. 8 in U15 Girls Singles and eligible directly based on National ranking to play All India Sub Junior Championship 2022 held at Bhubaneswar from 25th Dec 2022.

She entered finals of both U17 and U19 Girls Singles of Tamilnadu State Championships held at Erode on 20th November 2022. She would be nominated from the state for the both categories for All India Sub Junior and Junior Championships 2022 held at Bhubaneswar from 20th Dec 2022.

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