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Brazil Para-Badminton International 2022: Manisha Ramdas of Tamilnadu won 2 Gold medals

The Indian Team dominated the medal table with a whopping 28 medals, including 8 Gold medals, 7 Silver medals, and 13 Bronze medals, at the 2022 Brazil Para-Badminton International in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 19-24 April 2022.

Manisha Ramdas, Tamilnadu is one of the star performers of the tournament who bagged 2 Gold medals from WS SU5 and WD SL3-SU5. Manisha defeated Kaede Kameyama, Japan in straights 21-10, 21-11 in the WS SU5 finals and defeated her counterparts Palak Kohli and Parul Dalsukhbhai Parmar as 21-15, 21-15 with her partner Mandeep Kaur of WD SL3-SU5 finals.

Manisha Ramdas is from Thiruvallur, Chennai, and for the last 5 years, she is practicing with Head Coach Ramkumar, S., Appu Indoor Sports Academy, Thiruvallur, Chennai.

She is BWF World Rank 10 WD SL3-SU5, Rank 23 XD SL3-SU5, and Rank 14 WS SU5 player, and the victories will make her steady progress in the world ranking.

World No. 3 Sukant Kadam bagged a silver medal in the men's singles SL4. 2021 Paralympic gold medallist Pramod Bhagat won two bronze medals in the men's SL3 singles and mixed doubles SL3-SU5.

Mandeep Kaur has won maximum medals to her name in the 2022 Brazil Para-Badminton International, including two golds from the SL3 women’s singles and SL3-SU5 women’s doubles categories and one silver medal.

Pic: Paralympics India

The medalists are

Gold Medalists

1. MS SL3- Nitesh Kumar

2. MS SL4 - Tarun Dhillon

3. WS SL3 - Mandeep Kaur

4. WS SL4 - Jyoti Verma

5. WS SU5 - Manisha Ramdas

6. WD SL3-SU5 - Manisha Ramdas & Mandeep Kaur

7. MD SU5 - Hardik Makkar & Ruthick Raghupathi

8. MD SL3-SL4 - Arwaz Ansari & Deep Ranjan

Silver Medalists

1. MS SL4 - Sukant Kadam

2. MS WH1 - Prem Kumar Ale

3. WS SL3 - Mandeep Kaur

4. WS SH6 - Nithya Sre

5. WD SL3-SU5 - Palak Kohli & Parul Parmar

6. XD SL3-SU5 - Chirag Baretha & Mandeep Kaur

7. MD SL3-SL4 - Tarun & Nitesh Kumar

Bronze Medalists

1. MS SL3 - Pramod Bhagat

2. MS SL3 - Manoj Sarkar

3. MS SL4 - Nilesh Gaikwad

4. MS SH6 - Dhinagaran

5. WS WH2 - Ammu Mohan

6. MD SL3-SL4 - Manoj Sarkar & Vikram Kumar

7. MD SU5 - Chirag Baretha & Nilesh Gaikwad

8. MD WH1-WH2 - Abu Hubaida & Prem Kumar Ale

9. WD SL3-SU5 - Arati Patil

10. WD WH1-WH2 - Ammu Mohan

11. WD SH6 - Nithya Sre & Latatai Umrekar

12. XD WH1-WH2 - Shashank Kumar & Ammu Mohan

13. XD SL3-SU5 - Palak Kohli & Pramod Bhagat

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