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Yonex French OPEN 2024 BWF Super 750 Ashwini Tanisha - Gayatri Treesa Face-Off: Paris Showdown for Olympic Dream & Lakshya Sen's Hope

Yonex French Open 2024 is a BWF Super 750 tournament that takes place at the Adidas Arena, Paris, France, from 5 to 10 March 2024 organised by the French Badminton Federation since 1908 and has a total prize of US$850,000.

Lakshya Sen - Cat on the Wall

Since 6 more BWF Super tournaments are remaining, world No. 19 Lakshya Sen trails at the edge, Paris qualification rank 17, to join with HS Prannoy to represent India in the Men's Singles.

While Denmark, China, Japan, and Indonesia ensure their Men's singles Tokyo berth with two players, India's Lakshya Sen, Malaysia's NG Tze Yong, and Teipei's Lin Chun Yi are battling to cover their countries' second player opportunity and all they are in qualification point range of 54000 to 58000.

The remaining BWF Super tournaments will decide these three players' qualification to the Men's Singles Category.

BWF 750 French Open - All the three are playing

BWF 300 Orleans Master - All the three are not playing

BWF 1000 All England - Lakshya Sen face-to-face with Malaysia's NG Tze Yong

BWF 300 Swiss Open - Lakshya Sen and Teipei's Lin Chun are playing

BWF 300 Spain Open - Draw yet to be announced

Gayatri & Treesa - Chasing the Paris Dream

World No. 23 Gayatri & Treesa are chasing their Paris Summer Olympics dream at the French Open 2024. They are trailing behind their counterpart World No. 22 Ashwini & Tanisha by 7500 Olympic qualification points and this would be the decider of their Paris dream. While Ashwini & Tanisha are not participating in the German Open 2024, Gayatri & Treesa gained minimum first-round ranking points from this Super 300 event last week. French Open BWF 750 is significant for the pair when they meet their counterpart in a face-to-face first-round encounter. If they enter the quarter-finals in this anticipated event, they will ensure a minimum of 3850 ranking points which will reduce the trailing gap by half with Ashwini & Tanisha, and they may be alive in the Paris dream.

The remaining BWF Super tournaments will decide these two pairs' qualification to the Paris Summer Olympics. Players draw positions based on this week as follows.

BWF 750 French Open - Both pairs are playing (Face-to-face meet in the first round)

BWF 300 Orleans Master - Both pairs are not playing

BWF 1000 All England - Both pairs are playing

BWF 300 Swiss Open - Both pairs are playing

BWF 300 Spain Open - Draw yet to be announced

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BWF Super 750 Ranking Points - YONEX French OPEN 2024






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