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Lakshya is World No.6 | Indian Badminton Players' Road to BWF World Tour Finals and Paris 2024

Despite his Round 32 losses at HYLO Open 2022 and Yonex French Open 2022, Lakshya Sen is at his career-best World Rank No. 6. Famous French Open victory and HYLO Open 2022 Quarterfinals make Indian duo Chirag Satwik to reach their career-best Rank No.7 again. HYLO Open 2022 Quarter Finalist Malvika Bansod is at her ccareer-best Rank No.35 Women's Singles and just 2 ranks behind Saina Nehwal. Treesa Jolly and Gayatri's HYLO Open Bronze accelerate them to their career-best No.23, and just 2 ranks behind the Indian Top Ashwini and Sikki. Aakarshi Kashyap, Kiran GEORGE, Priyanshu Rajawat, Meiraba Luwang MAISNAM, and Sathish Kumar KARUNAKARAN are in their Career Best World Rank.

Photo Courtesy BWF Badminton

Badmintonscholar presents the analysis of the Indian players' World Rank on Week 45, 08 Nov 2022, and discusses the perspectives of the players to represent the country in the BWF World Tour Finals Guangzhou 2022 and Summer Olympics Paris 2024.

Treesa and Gayatri's HYLO Open Bronze accelerate them to career best No.23, and just 2 ranks behind the Indian Top Ashwini and Sikki.

Paris 2024

Paris qualification period will start from May 1 in 2023 to April 28 in 2024.

Rule 1: During the qualification period, player should be ranked between 1-250 in the BWF Race to Paris Ranking list of 28 April 2024.

Rule 2: There will be at least two athletes from each of the five BWF Continental Confederations. Though India is an Asian Country, players cannot enjoy the continental quota.

Rule 3: During the qualification period, the country's top player will qualify if they are in the top 35 in the Race to Paris Ranking list.

Rule 4:During the qualification period, the country's top two players will qualify if they are in the top 16 in the Race to Paris Ranking list.

Guangzhou 2022

Qualified players for the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals will be confirmed after the SATHIO GROUP Australian Open, 15-20 November 2022. The top eight players and pairs in each category in the BWF World Tour Rankings will be invited to compete, with a maximum of two players or pairs per Country being eligible.

Indian Men's Singles contingent is stronger because of its distribution and depth. Lakshya, Kidambi, and Prannoy are contesting stronger to ensure 2 berths for the next Summer Olympics Paris 2024 and Guangzhou 2022.

Sameer Verma, Sai Praneeth, and Sourabh Varma may surprise and penetrate into the top 16 if they perform better during the qualification period.

The promising young players just completed their junior circuit career-best entered into the top 100, Priyanshu RAJAWAT, Meiraba Luwang MAISNAM, and Sathish Kumar KARUNAKARAN are promising a strong tail of the Indian Men's Singles Contingent.


World Top 100 Men's Singles Indian Players - 15%

6, Lakshya SEN - Career Best

11, KIDAMBI Srikanth


33, Sameer Verma

39, Sai Praneeth

45, Mithun Manjunath

48, Parupalli Kashyap

52, Kiran GEORGE - Career Best

55, Priyanshu Rajawat - Career Best

61, Sourabh VERMA

66, Meiraba Luwang MAISNAM - Career Best

74, Subhankar DEY

85, Sathish Kumar KARUNAKARAN - Career Best

90, Kartikey GULSHAN KUMAR

92, Chirag SEN

Despite of his Round 32 losses at HYLO Open 2022 and Yonex French Open 2022, Lakshya Sen at his Career best World Rank No. 6.

In contrast to the Men's Singles, other categories of the Indian side need more focus and fuel to identify potential players and pairs to qualify for Olympics from the top 16 ranks slot.

The minimum and a possible number of players/pairs that can represent a country in the Olympics is 5, each one for a category. At the same time, if two players/pairs from a country are in the top 16 of each category, the Maximum probability is 10 players/pairs. If the same world ranking positions are considered now, India can represent only 6 players/pairs in Paris 2024.


HYLO Open 2022 Quarter Finalist Malvika Bansod at her Career Best No.35 Women's Singles and just 2 ranks behind Saina Nehwal.

Top 100 Women's Singles Indian Players - 15%

5, PV Sindhu

33, Saina Nehwal

35, Malvika Bansod - Career Best

41, Aakarshi Kashyap - Career Best

54, Anupama Upadhyaya

56, Ashmita Chaliha


65, Imad Farooqui SAMIYA

66, IRA Sharma

72, Tasnim MIR


82, GADDE Ruthvika Shivan

88, Sri Krishna Priya KUDARAVALLI

89, Rituparna DAS

92, Aditi BHATT

While Saina struggles to keep her momentum, identifying the next players to join Sindhu in the top 16 to qualify for Paris is a challenge for India. Malvika Bansod and Aakarshi Kashyap are in the top 50 and give confidence.

Similarly in Men's Doubles, next to Satwik and Chirag, Arjun and Dhruv is pushing toward the rank 16 mark. The other 5 pairs are in the top 100, it will be a challenge for them to manage Indonesia, China, and other Asian counterparts.

Famous French Open Victory and HYLO Open 2022 QarterFinals make Indian duo Chirag Satwik to reach their Career Best Rank No.7 again.

Top 100 Men's Doubles Indian Players - 11%

7, Satwiksairaj RANKIREDDY Chirag SHETTY - Career Best


34, Krishna Prasad GARAGA Vishnuvardhan Goud PANJALA - Career Best


56, P.S RAVIKRISHNA Sankar Prasad UDAYAKUMAR - Career Best

61, Shyam PRASAD S. Sunjith (Jr) - Career Best


81, ATTRI Manu, Reddy B Sumith

91, Achutaditya Rao DODDAVARAPU Venkata Harsha Vardhan Rayudu VEERAMREDDY - Career Best

95, Manjit Singh KHWAIRAKPAM Dingku Singh KONTHOUJAM - Career Best

96, Himanshu MITTAL Shubham SHARMA - - Career Best


Paris 2024

Top 100 Women's Doubles Indian Players - 06%

If Trisha Jolly and Gayatri manage the upcoming world tours, they may join Ashwini and Sikki in the top 16 mark.

22, Ashwini PONNAPPA REDDY Sikki


37, Ashwini BHAT K.Shikha GAUTAM - - Career Best

56, Haritha MANAZHIYIL H Ashna ROY - Career Best

61, Simran SINGHI Ritika THAKER - Career Best

93, Palak ARORA Unnati HOODA - Career Best

Mixed Doubles is the area in which India has to concentrate more. Only 6 pairs are in the top 100 and no one is in or nearer to the top 16. Among these top 6 pairs, Men's and Women's doubles experts, Satwik, Aswhini, Sikki, and Dhruv are part. Though they are close to the world's top 16, they will concentrate on Doubles.

Top 100 Mixed Doubles Indian Players - 09%

28, Ishaan BHATNAGAR Tanisha CRASTO - Career Best

45,Venkat Gaurav PRASAD Juhi DEWANGAN

62, REDDY B. Sumeeth Ashwini PONNAPPA


90, M.R. ARJUN Treesa JOLLY

92, Satwiksairaj RANKIREDDY Ashwini PONNAPPA

97 , THANDRANGI Hema Nagendra Babu Srivedya GURAZADA

98 , Rohan KAPOOR REDDY Sikki

99 , Akshan SHETTY Simran SINGHI

No. of World Top 16 Indian Players

Men's Singles 03

Women's Singles 01

Men's Doubles 01

Women's Doubles 00

Mixed Doubles 00

The top 16 players will get sufficient support from SAI, BAI, and Sponsors to be on the top ranking. They are the probable contingent of the World Tour Finals 2022 and Paris 2024.

No. of World Top 17 to 50 Indian Players

Men's Singles 04

Women's Singles 03

Men's Doubles 03

Women's Doubles 03

Mixed Doubles 02

Players in the top 50 world ranking will get sufficient sponsorship and fund from SAI and BAI to participate in more BWF tournaments.

Even though they are in World's Top 50, they require to participate in the National Selection Trials of Core Group and major international tournaments.

They are directly eligible to participate in the National Selection Trials of Core Group Development and major international tournaments.

No. of World Top 100 Indian Players

Men's Singles 15

Women's Singles 15

Men's Doubles 11

Women's Doubles 06

Mixed Doubles 09

These players will get a qualification and main draw entry for BWF 100 and 300 tournaments which will boost their World ranking further.

These players have to focus on their National circuits too to qualify for the selection trials for Core Group of the year to get funds from BAI and SAI.

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