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BAI funds 28 players for upcoming 8 BWF Tournaments

Updated: Feb 5

It is the major BAI Sponsorship in 2024 compared to the fund support given in recent years. BAI covers the 8 BWF tournaments which include two BWF 300 level events for 28 players who have achieved in the recent national championship and have the top 75 BWF world ranking.

The following tournaments are announced by the BAI to which the support will be used.

Srilanka International Challenge 2024

Srilanka International Series 2024

Azerbaijan International 2024

Portugal International 2024

Orleans Masters 2024 - Super 300

Vietnam International Challenge 2024

Dutch International Series 2024

Swiss Open 2024 - Super 300

BAI Sponsorship Fund 2024

The list of players selected for the fund includes 22 players from all five categories. It will help the players and pairs to gain world rankings and increase the chances of representing India in the upcoming major BWF higher-level tournaments.

BAI Sponsorship Fund 2024

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