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BAI Calendar 2024 - 25, as of 1st Apr 2024

Updated: Apr 27

The Badminton Association of India (BAI) has announced the BAI Calendar for the Year 2024 25.

Compare to 23 24, no. of Senior, Junior and Sub Junior National ranking tournaments is reduced to 4 from 6.

Except U15 U17 Sub Junior, all other categories have 3 ranking tournaments before the championship from April '24. U15 U17 has only 2 ranking tournaments before the championship in Sep '24.

Most of all the national championships are scheduled during Nov and Dec 2024 except U15 U17 Sub Junior which is scheduled in September '24, Kerala.

Senior, Junior, and Sub Junior U15 U17 have total 4 ranking tournaments before and after championships.

Masters has one ranking tournament in Jan'25 and championship in Mar'25.

National Sub Junior U15 U17 Championship, 12 Sep, Kerala

National Junior U19 Championship, 11 Nov, Odisha

National mini Sub Junior U11 Championship, 21 Nov, Maharashtra

National Sub Junior U13 Championship, 27 Nov, Bihar

National Senior Championship, 16 Dec, Bangalore.

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