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Review and Compare Badminton Racquet | New Yonex ASTROX 77 with 2.9% increased Smash Power

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

The original ASTROX 77 is designed for intermediate to advanced players looking to dominate the court with steep smashes. It is equipped with the Rotational Generator System that enables quick recovery for a continuous stream of powerful attacks. The racquet utilizes NamdTM throughout the shaft producing more flex and a faster snapback.

Tokyo Olympic Gold Medalist, Chen Yu Fei (CHN), World Tour Finals 2021 champion, An Se Young (KOR), and more are using the new ASTROX 77.

Photo Courtesy Yonex

The new ASTROX 77 is a further evolved version of its predecessor, featuring new technologies for better performances and a 2.9% increase in smash power. The joint at the bottom of the frame is composed of a new resin material, Flex Fuse, which combines a shock-absorbing material with base resin for a softer feel on impact. The new elongated shaft is equipped with NamdTM, a carbon-graphite material that generates quick snapback to accompany the extra flex. The addition of the E.B.CAP PLUS (Energy Boost Cap Plus) is used for further snapback.

For intermediate and advanced players looking to dominate the whole court with steep smashes

The racquets were launched globaly on October 21st, 2022, in three different models, PRO, TOUR and PLAY – each developed with the same performance concept but with variations in performance materials used.

Rotational Generator System

Intricate weight distribution technology designed with the counterbalance theory that allows head-heavy racquets to recover faster between shots.

Flex Fuse

Flex Fuse placed in the joint at the bottom of the frame to absorb shock and offer a softer feel on impact.

Elongated shaft

Elongated shaft for more flex, improving smash performance.


The utilization of the E.B. CAP PLUS (Energy Boost Cap Plus) is to increase snapback.

The new ASTROX 77 will be seen in the hands of Tokyo Olympic Gold Medalist, Chen Yu Fei (CHN), World Tour Finals 2021 champion, An Se Young (KOR), 2022 World Championships mixed doubles winner, Huang Ya Qiong (CHN), and 2022 Malaysia Masters champion, Fajar Alfian (INA).

Power is an integral characteristic of the ASTROX family. For racquets in the ASTROX line-up, the head-heavy nature of the series means strength is pertinent to unlocking the raw power. The brand new ASTROX 77 is different -- power is effortless and accessible to all. The new ASTROX 77 is designed with a mid-flex shaft and a maneuverable, slightly heavy head which grants extra power for a wide range of players from intermediate to advanced. This second-generation sports improvements in the hitting feel by enhancing shock absorption, and in power by balancing snapback and flex. The racquet has reached store shelves worldwide in late October, 2022.

Racket Review

Yonex launches a series with a mid-high end racket ending with the number 7, before moving up with 8, 9 or 10 series. In Astrox series, Astrox 77 was launched first, then the Astrox 88, Astrox 99, and Astrox 100 is the latest. Similarly, the Arcsaber and Duro series started off with the Arcsaber 7, and Dura 7. Eldest version of Astrox was redesigned and launched with improved specs now.

When speed is concerned, performance of 77 stood between 88 and 100.

We can rank rackets for stiffness in the order 99, 77 and 100.

Head weight to hammering is a challenge when you go with 77 when compare with 99 and 100.

But the new ASTROX 77 yields 2.9% more power to overcome these setbacks of the older version. It is a very good racket in the hands of intermediate to professional players.

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