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TN's Rakshitha Sree, Srinidhi & Arulmurugan are in the Indian Team for German & Dutch Jr. Intl. 2023

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Tamil Nadu's Rakshitha Sree, Srinidhi & Arulmurugan are selected for Indian Team representing in Dutch Junior International 2023 to be held in Haarlem, the Netherlands from 1-5 March 2023 and German Junior 2023 to be held in Berlin, Germany from 8-12 March 2023.

After Varshini Sri and Rithvik Sanjeevi who are the TN players played for India in German and Dutch Junior Internationals in 2019 and 2020 respectively, Rakshitha Sree, TN, and Srinidhi & Arulmurugan, TN are selected in the Women's Singles and Mixed Doubles events respectively by their splendid performances in the Junior Indian team selection trials organized by BAI at the Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex, Greater Noida from 24-27 January 2023.

TN's Sania Sikkandar also was selected for Women's Doubles event with TS's Vaishnavi Khadkekar.

Total of 8 Men’s Singles, 13 Women’s Singles, 4 Men’s Doubles, 4 Women’s Doubles, and 3 Mixed Doubles Players are selected for the trials to identify 4 players from each Singles and 2 pairs from each doubles events.

Indian Team for Dutch & German Junior International 2023

Men’s Singles

Ayush Shetty (KTK)

Manraj Singh (HAR)

Lokesh Reddy (TS)

Dhruv Negi (UTR)

Women’s Singles

Rakshita Sree (TN)

Shreya Lele (GUJ)

Jiya Rawat (HAR)

Aalisha Naik (MAH)

Men’s Doubles

Bhavya Chhabra/Param Choudhary (UP)

Mayank Rana (HAR)/Divyam Arora (UP)

Women’s Doubles

Vennala K/Shreyansi Valishetty (TS)

Sania Sikandar (TN)/Vaishnavi Khadkekar (TS)

Mixed Doubles

Arulmurugan R/Srinidhi N (TN)

Sathwik Reddy (TS) /Vaishnavi Khadkekar (TS)

Majority of the players selected to play for India are from Tamil Nadu and Telangana.



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